About Us

The Radford University Forensic Science Institute (RUFSI) is an interdisciplinary institute whose goal is to promote and support forensic science education, research and public service. The institute faculty and affiliates are comprised of a wide range of specialists with interests in Forensic Science and include Forensic Anthropologists, Archaeologists, Biologists, Chemists, and specialists in Physics, Geology, Criminal Justice, and Information Technology. 

For students

The RUFSI provides unique hands-on advanced interdisciplinary training for undergraduate students in the Forensic Sciences through the minor in Forensic Science which prepares students for professional careers (including graduate study) in a variety of forensic medico-legal settings. 

For law enforcement professionals and other community members

RUFSI provides professional consulting in medico-legal aspects of forensic science, including Forensic Anthropology and Forensic Archaeology, as well as prehistoric and historic archaeological cultural resource management projects.