Recent Faculty Publications and Presentations

  • Boyd, C, Boyd D (2011)  “Theory and the Scientific Basis for Forensic Anthropology.”  Journal of Forensic Sciences 56:1407-1415
  • Boyd, D, Singer F (2011) “The Meaning and Evolution of Teaching Excellence: a “Radical” Case Study from Radford University, Virginia.  In “Inspiring Academics: Learning From the World’s Great University Teachers,” Iain Hay, ed., Berkshire, England: Open University Press, McGraw-Hill
  • Boyd D, Boyd C, Hochstein L (2012).  Microscopic and Macroscopic Changes to Perimortem Pediatric Trauma Following Burial” (D. Boyd, C. Boyd, L. Hochstein)—research presented at the 2012 American Academy of Forensic Sciences annual meeting
  • Boyd C (2013) “Radiocarbon dates from three significant Native American sites in Southwest Virginia.” Proceedings of the Upland Archaeology in the East Symposium XI (in press)
  • Boyd C (2013) “Phase II Testing of Site 44PU0174, an Historic Brick Camp, Pulaski County, Virginia.”  Quarterly Bulletin of the Archeological Society of Virginia (in press)