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The Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology is an international journal produced by members of the Mathematics department at Radford University.

The Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics is a long-running conference series founded by Math department faculty member Wei-Chi Yang.

The Center for Mathematics Education in the Public Interest, which is partially funded by NSF’s CCLI program, is a collaboration of several RU Mathematics faculty members. Its mission is to produce examples and classroom materials that are both useful for teaching K-12 mathematics and focused on social issues of current interest.

Summer Bridge, a joint project of the Mathematics and Information Technology departments, is a summer camp for girls that is focused on mathematics and technology.

VODE_F90 is a Fortran 90 ODE solver co-developed by Math department faculty member Skip Thompson.

DDE_SOLVER_M.F90 is a friendly Fortran 90 DDE solver co-developed by Math department faculty member Skip Thompson.

The Secondary Mathematics Professional Development Center is a project that supports high school teachers to improve their mathematics content, pedagogy, and assessment related to teaching.  It offers distance-education graduate courses for 130 high school teachers in the Southwest, Southside, and Richmond regions.  The project is spearheaded by Dr. Agida Manizade and Dr. Laura Jacobsen.