Astronomy Minor

The Astronomy minor consists of 21 hours of Physics and Astronomy classes. The range of classes cover both theory and observation. One of our major resources is the Selu Observatory, located approximately 20 minutes from campus and having a 14.5-inch f/9 Ritchey-Chrétien telescope built by RC Optical Systems. ASTR 310 is an observational class that uses this telescope almost exclusively. Other options for the use of the Selu Observatory include indepent study projects arranged with a faculty member. 

8 hours of either PHYS 111:112 (4:4) or PHYS 221:222 (4:4)

Additional 13 hours from the following list of classes:
ASTR 111 General Astronomy I (4)
ASTR 112 General Astronomy II (4)
ASTR 310 Observational Methods in Astronomy (3)
ASTR 421 Solar System Astronomy (3)
ASTR 422 Galactic Astronomy and Cosmology (3)