2016 Science Exploration Day Registration

This event is free and open to the public.  Classes will be geared toward school age students 5th-12th grade,  but there will be activities for people of all ages. If a student is under 11, they MUST be accompanied by an adult for the program.

Registration is required and the deadline to register has been extended to April 23, 2016.

We won't be scheduling a formal lunchtime, but since the event does continue until 3pm, students may want to bring a packed lunch and beverage.



Does your child have any health issues or allergies of which event staff should be aware?


If yes, what is the health concern event staff should be aware of?

In case of an emergency, who should be contacted? Please provide name(s) and phone number(s).

Students are able to choose their curriculum topics for the day. Assignment of topics will be based on child’s preference and class availability.

Please designate your choice below.

 Cryptology - Making and Breaking Secret codes - Do you and your friends have secret signs or hand signals that convery messages among you? Learn how to use numbers, symbols and patterns to make your own secret codes.
 Forensic Anthropology - In this class, students will learn how to gather information from a human skeleton about the deceased person's age at death, sex estimation, height, and health.
 Exploring the frontiers of Bug Biology - Have you ever wondered why bees have queens or what makes caterpillars turn into butterflies? We will discuss the evolution and regulation of insect growth. Participants will get a chance to hold giant cockroaches and moths as a part of the discussion and experimentation.
 Virtual Anatomy Demo utilizing the new Anatomage table
 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle demo
 Museum of the Earth Sciences sneak preview
 Radford Planetarium show
 Trebuchet Demonstration
 Cyber Security Demo
 Cryptology - Making and breaking secret codes
 Forensic Anthropology
 Exploring the frontiers of bug biology
 Virtual Anatomy Demo
 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Demo
 Museum of the Earth Sciences sneak preview
 Radford Planetarium show
 Trebuchet Demo
 Cyber Security demo

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