Get Involved with the CSCR

The Center for Social and Cultural Research at Radford University provides students with experience through internships, independent studies and work study positions by applying sociological knowledge and skills, as well as fostering a professional identity as practicing Sociologists. 

Along with access to the CSCR computer lab, library and equipment, the CSCR can offer many benefits including applied research experience, ethics training, as well as specialized research training in the form of webinars, on campus trainings and more.

Student involvement is coordinated by the Co-Directors of the CSCR, Dr. Beth Lyman and Dr. Mary LaLone.  Inquiries about working for the CSCR should be directed to Dr. Lyman at


Student Testimonials

"The CSCR gave me a great foundation of technology, theory, and practice that boosted my confidence and resume.  I produced research reports from raw survey data, provided support for classes, and helped others in the Sociology department with their research needs, all while working closely with the faculty.  Many classes I took were supported by the CSCR, such as Survey Research Methods, Qualitative Research Methods, and Sociology Practicum (SOCY 493).  Through an internship at the Wilderness Road Regional Museum, I was introduced to community-based research, grant writing, interviewing, and many more great experiences; after graduation I was hired as the museum's Collections Administrator, which has been a fantastic start to my post-college adventures.  The CSCR continues to help facilitate the success of many students, and I am grateful to have been one of them!"

-Kasey Campbell, Class of 2014
Collections Administrator
Wilderness Road Regional Museum

"Working with the CSCR was a huge benefit to me when I was in the research classes because I was already familiar with some of the terminology, sotfware, and layouts of research reports."

-Amy Dove, Class of 2011
Counselor Education Masters
Virginia Tech

"The Center for Social and Cultural Research allowed me to get hands on experience in a real life working enviroment while allowing me to explore all aspects of the research process outside of a classroom setting. My time spent at the CSCR allowed me to bolster my resume while also creating the first stepping stones for the career path I am on now."

-Cameron James Bennett-Hattan, Class of 2012
Research Assistant
CoStar Group

"They [the folks at RTI, International] were all incredibly impressed by the amount of experience that I had in the CSCR and on my own project. Nearly everyone that interviewed me said that we must have a phenonmenal department (which we do)!"

-Caitie Hennessy, Class of 2011
Public Health Analyst,
RTI International