Graduation Forms

You may pick up an application from the Advising Center in Porterfield 243. You may also download and print the graduation application (PDF).

Graduation Application Instructions

  • Graduation applications are due the semester prior to your anticipated graduation. If you are graduating in the Spring/Summer term, your application is due the end of September prior to the Spring term. If you are graduating Fall, your application is due in January prior to the Fall term.
  • Review the course catalog to make sure you are meeting all graduation requirements. You may use any catalog from the time you entered RU until the time you graduate (as long as the catalog is no more than five years old). The catalog you choose must be followed exactly. Any deviations in major courses must be approved through an academic petition, which you should discuss with your faculty advisor prior to turning in your application.
  • Make sure that you correctly list your phone number, current address, and e-mail address so the advising office can contact you if additional information is needed.
  • Turn in the completed application to Porterfield 243. Several weeks later, you will receive a copy and letter from the advising center, which will inform you of what you need to meet graduation requirements.

Petition to walk in the graduation ceremony

If you plan to graduate in the summer but would like to participate ("walk") in the May Graduation ceremony:

  1. Complete your graduation application using the above guidelines.
  2. You should indicate on the application that you will complete your degree requirements in Summer I, Summer II or Maymester
  3. Your application is due at the same time as those students who are graduating in May. You may pick up a Petition to Walk from the Advising Center in Porterfield 243. You may also download and print the petition to walk in the graduation ceremony (PDF).
  4. Turn in your application to Porterfield 243.
  5. Your application will be processed and a letter will be sent to you indicating your remaining requirements or any problems/deficiencies.