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B.F.A. Studio Art

The B.F.A. in studio art is a professional degree that prepares students to go for the terminal M.F.A. degree in studio art. Some students will use the degree as an entry for gallery jobs, teaching in programs that do not require licensure (for example, summer camp and children’s programs in museums) or as a stepping stone to pursue a degree in art therapy or art education. Recent changes made to the B.F.A. in studio art have specifically focused on developing approaches to strengthening and emphasizing the existence of two degree tracks in the fine arts: a 2D concentration, which includes specializations in painting, watercolor, and photography, and a 3D concentration which includes a specialization in ceramics, jewelry and metalworking. The program seeks to empower each student's sense of self as an artist by requiring annual portfolio reviews and a final exhibition based on new work prepared for this graduation milestone.

Requirements for the concentration consist of general education or core curriculum courses, various courses in the art department intended for students in all concentrations, and a specified number of credit hours in course work specific to the concentration. (Details are provided in the check sheets.) The following is a list of concentration-specific courses:

Studio Art Courses

ARTS 101 - Foundations in 2-Dimensional Art
ARTS 102 - Foundations in 3-Dimensional Art
ARTS 110 - Basic Computer skills for the Studio Artist
ARTS 111 - Drawing I
ARTS 204 - Sculpture I
ARTS 211 - Drawing II
ARTS 221 - Painting I
ARTS 231 - Water Color I
ARTS 241 - Jewelry and Metalworking I
ARTS 251 - Ceramics I
ARTS 261 - Photography I
ARTS 262 - Digital Photography
ARTS 301 - Studio Practice and Theory
ARTS 306 - Special Topics – Studio Art
ARTS 311 - Figure Drawing
ARTS 360 - Video Art
ARTS 361 - Stop-Motion Animation
ARTS 411 - Drawing III
ARTS 415 - Illustration
ARTS 421 - Painting II
ARTS 431 - Watercolor II
ARTS 441 - Jewelry and Metalworking II
ARTS 451 - Ceramics II
ARTS 461 - Photography II
ARTS 462 - Alternative Processes in Photography
ARTS 475 - Contemporary Photography
ARTS 497/499 - Senior Studio Project and Exhibition