Two-Year Sequence

Students who enroll full-time in the MFA in Design Thinking graduate degree program can complete their degrees in two years. Courses must be taken in the sequence outlined below; students must start in the fall semester.

  Fall Spring Summer
Year One ART/DSN 550 International Art History

DSN 600  Advanced Design Studio I

DSN 640 Design Thinking

DSN 670 Environment Behavior
ART/DSN 555 International Art History II

DSN 575  Design Theory and Research

DSN 605 Advanced Design Studio II

DSN 645 Collaboration Studio
DSN 611  Special Topics in Design Thinking

Year Two EDET 619 Instructional Design

DSN 700  Advanced Design Studio III

DSN 740  Design Management

DSN 770  Research Methods
DSN 611 Special Topics in Design Thinking
DSN 705 Advanced Design Studio IV
DSN 790 Research Project/Thesis
DSN 790 Research Project/Thesis