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Looking Back: Award Winning Photographer Gives Scholarship to CVPA Student

Lora Gordon and Hannah Ennis

Lora Gordon and Hannah Ennis at Fall Convocation 2013

Upon winning the Award for Administrative and Professional Excellence from Radford University, staff photographer Lora Gordon was tasked with choosing an RU student to receive a scholarship. She chose CVPA art education major Hannah Ennis. The scholarship was presented to Ennis during Fall Convocation.

RU Photographer Lora Gordon Wins the Award for Administrative and Professional Excellence

Radford University photographer Lora Gordon is the winner of the Award for Administrative and Professional Excellence, which was presented to her in May 2013. It is the only award offered to administrative and professional faculty at Radford University.

Gordon works as the University photographer at RU and she teaches a digital imaging class. She received an undergraduate degree in journalism from Ohio University and worked for five years as a photojournalist for different newspapers on the east coast. Then she moved on to Syracuse, N.Y., to earn her master’s degree in photo communications. After working for a local newspaper in Raleigh, N.C., Gordon made the decision to move back to Radford when her father, a former art education teacher, told her about the University photographer employment opening. Gordon applied and was offered the position, which she accepted in order to be close to her family again.

“Family is important,” said Gordon.

Gordon photographs nominees for faculty, classified and administrative and professional staff at RU, but this is her first time winning the award.

“I feel honored. Wow,” said Gordon, “It’s almost hard to verbalize the meaning [of what the award means to me]. It’s my peers saying I did a great job and that they respect me. It’s a big honor and a pat on the back.”

Gordon Chooses a Scholarship Recipient

Each recipient of the Administrative and Professional Excellence Award is required to reward a scholarship to one deserving RU student. Gordon chose to pass the scholarship on to Hannah Ennis, an art education student.

Gordon knew she wanted to give the scholarship to an art education major because of her father’s career at RU. Growing up as the daughter to an art education professor, she knew firsthand the difference that art educators make in people’s lives.

In making the scholarship decision, Gordon collaborated with her mentor, Dr. Richard Bay, who recommended Hannah. After meeting Hannah, Gordon knew she was going to pass the scholarship on to her.

“She was outgoing, personable and I saw success in her,” Gordon said, “She really seemed like she was going to give back to the community.”

Ennis Receives A Scholarship

Hannah Ennis is a busy and hardworking RU student. When she is not in class, she is busy making lesson plans and student teaching in Elliston, Va.

Her mother, also a former art education degree recipient, who encouraged creativity in her household when Ennis was growing up, inspired her. “My family could not afford a lot of extra stuff, such as Cable or going out. So, I spent a lot of time reading and creating” said Ennis.

When Ennis was told that she had won the scholarship she was shocked. “I put a lot of effort and hard work into my education just like many of the other students here” said Ennis, “I did not think my dedication to my education had stood out to anyone.”

Ennis shows just how much she deserves this scholarship by consistently being dependable and by attending each of her meetings and classes every week. In addition, she truly cares about helping RU reach new goals by inspiring others around her through her love of art and art education.

“I know that as I strive to gain an education at Radford, I can use creative learning to help children progress in their personal and academic development. I think that children need to be reminded that they have the ability to create something beautiful and worthwhile, and that others around them have the same ability. I have great respect for not only those who enhance the learning of others, but for those who simply seek to learn.”

Dec 9, 2013
Sabrina Anderson

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