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Lonely Monster Games – RU Alums' Game is on iTunes

Heather Walters

Recent graduate Heather Walters and her game "Boy and Pup," as photographed by Elizabeth Dreher.

Boy and Pup – it’s a mobile app by Lonely Monster Games and it has reached the big time. Both Google Play Store and iTunes carry the game. And it is the brainchild of a recent RU graduate, an RU alum and a friend.

Lonely Monster Games is a local company co-founded by Heather Walters, Jake Walters and James St. Clair.

Heather Walters is a December 2013 BFA graduate of the RU graphic design program. Before this, she transferred from New River Community College with an Associates of Applied Science in information technology with a specialization in graphics and web design. Currently she is in charge of designing the art and illustrations, and the game interfaces for Lonely Monster Games.

Jake Walters, her brother, is a professional musician. He studied IT/Game Design at New River Community College.

His sister explains that, “Jake is responsible for all of the music and sound effects for the games, as well as most of the story development, game design and concepts.”

St. Clair graduated from RU in 2011. He received a bachelor’s degree in software engineering/database design. He is the programmer in the group, taking ideas and designs and turning them into a language that computers and mobile devices can read and display.

Heather Walters says that the name Lonely Monsters is from a “Doctor Who” quote – “Every lonely monster needs a companion.”

The gaming company liked the philosophy behind the reference and thought the name was fitting.

The company is currently focusing on making mobile games, such as “Boy and Pup.” This is a puzzle game where gamers play the role of Boy and travel through a haunted house, avoiding a ghost to find a lost puppy.

In the future, the company wants to expand to console games. Their goal is to grow large enough to hire employees and be able to offer internships to students from around surrounding areas.

Walters says, “I have been very blessed by being surrounded with people that have provided me with encouragement and opportunities that have contributed to where I am today. Having the chance to give back and help others is one of my personal objectives as well as our company's.”

For more information about Lonely Monster Games, visit their website at www.lonelymonstergames.com. To see their game, visit the Google Play Store (for Android) at http://goo.gl/tJN2bk or iTunes (for iPhone/iPad) at http://goo.gl/fp9GPf.

Dec 16, 2013

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