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danah bella DanceWorks to Present Two Evenings of Artistic Collaboration


Hope is the undercurrent of an evening of collaboration between d a n a h b e l l a DanceWorks, Radford University students and regional artists.

On Monday and Tuesday, April 29 and 30, d a n a h b e l l a DanceWorks presents PAG-ASA in the Albig Studio Theatre in Peters Hall at 7:30 p.m.

The performance will mix dance, live music and multimedia. PAG-ASA, means hope in Tagalog, one of the national languages of the Philippines.

“I didn't give the other artists any themes or guidelines in regards to the work they're presenting but they all seem to have an underlying them of hope, thus the title,” danah bella said.

Featured Radford University dance majors are senior Emily Lee, junior Kelsy Rupp and sophomores Ashley Dobrogosz and Taylor Carper. Each auditioned to be apprentices for this professional dance company, which is housed by the university. These students will be performing alongside professional dancers.  RU dance students are also doing the lighting design and acting as the production crew.

Collaborators who are participating in PAG-ASA are a diverse group of Virginia-based artists. These include Liza Deck, the director of Roanoke’s City Modern Ensemble. Deck is a founding member of d a n a h b e l l a DanceWorks and has been collaborating with d a n a h b e l l a namesake, danah bella since 2004.

In addition to dance collaboration, there is poetry, music, and movement provided by art collective colectivo caliban, which includes Liz Canfield, John Priestley, Salvador Barajas and danah bella. 

Songwriter and singer Kat Mills rounds out the collaboration.



Apr 26, 2013

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