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Face of the CVPA – Sara Ramseur '14

Sara Ramseur

Photo courtesy of Sara Ramseur

Sara Ramseur is a senior music therapy major. She will present a recital on Feb. 23 at the Performance Hall in the Covington Center. This will start at 1 p.m. and is open to the public. We asked her about being a music major, her plans after graduation and about her favorite performers. Here is what she had to say.

1. Where are you from originally?

A: I am originally from Hickory, N.C.

2. How long have you been passionate about singing? Has majoring in music (voice) always been your first choice?

A: I have been passionate about singing since before I can remember. I have always been involved in school and church choirs. My love for singing has only grown stronger since attending RU, but being a music major was not what I had originally planned on doing. I had wanted to be a special education teacher all throughout high school, but after learning about music therapy I decided that’s what I wanted to pursue.

3. How would you describe your singing style?

A: My singing style varies. I am being trained classically and prefer to sing classically. I am involved in the RU Opera Workshop and continue to take voice lessons, but I am also training to become a music therapist, which requires a very different singing style.

4. How many recitals have you been in?

A: I have probably been in over 15 performances at RU. When thinking of a total number of performances there are honestly too many to count.

5. What process do you go through to prepare for a recital?

A: When preparing for a recital you have to learn repertoire that follows specific guidelines. For example, you need at least one song in French, Italian, German and English, and you also need to have a variety of arias and art songs. Once you have the repertoire set you begin preparing for your hearing, which is when the music faculty listens to a few pieces from your repertoire and decides whether or not you are ready to do a recital. Now that I have passed my hearing I can focus on the fun stuff (dress shopping, poster making and performing!).

6. How do you feel during a recital, singing in front of a large audience?

A: I love the thrill of performing. I always psych myself out before I go onstage and make myself so nervous, but once I am out onstage and have sung the first few notes there is no better feeling. I am extremely nervous about my upcoming recital because I have never done my own recital before, but I am also so excited!

7. Do you have any other musical passions/talents that you would someday like to pursue besides singing?

A: Singing and performing is a big dream of mine. I don’t really have any other instruments that I am passionate about.

8. What do you like about Radford University's music department? Are there certain classes or professors that you feel have helped you grow within your major?

A: RU’s music department is such an intimate program. The teachers really know their students and really care about their well-being. All of my teachers have been nothing but encouraging and have really challenged me to be the best student I can be. Dr. Kim has been extremely influential and helpful during the process of preparing for this recital. She took time out of her Christmas break to help me prepare for this recital, and without her I would not be ready.

9. What are your plans for after you graduate?

A: After I graduate I will be moving on to complete a six month internship for music therapy. After that I plan on starting the process of applying and auditioning for graduate schools where I hope I can pursue my dream of performing.

10. Who is your favorite singer/band and why?

A: My favorite singer is probably Kristen Chenoweth. She is classically trained, but has the ability to sing in so many different styles and genres.

Feb 10, 2014

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