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Student's Play is Featured in an Online Workshop


Samantha Oty

Radford University student Samantha Oty’s play “Please Don’t Go” is featured in an online workshop. Oty is a sophomore English major who is focusing on British literature and technical writing.

In the spring of 2013, she took Theatre 100 taught by assistant professor of theatre Tommy Iafrate. During his class, she was inspired to write her play “Please Don’t Go.”  This piece is about a college student named Alex who meets a mysterious girl named Waverly at an abandoned church that has a horrible past.

Oty has written plays since her sophomore year in high school. When Professor Iafrate assigned a final project, she knew she wanted to write a play.  “Please Don’t Go” was intended to be a quirky love story inspired by the song “She Walks Right Through Me” by Alex Day. Due to the requirement that the duration of the play be only 10 minutes, she transformed it into a fast paced chiller.

Professor Iafrate comments that, “The play she wrote was great. It was well constructed, and had an exciting twist at the end that was clever and kind of fun (in a dark way!).”

Oty’s play was workshopped online by Ten Minute Workshop. This is a blog run by playwright Jen Whiting. She has created a community where playwrights of all ages and skill levels collaborate and implement their writings. Plays are submitted, read and then featured on the blog.

Part of the workshop’s requirements is that participants work with the other playwrights.

Oty says, “It was a little intimidating because the playwrights who worked on my play were a good 10-20 years older than me and are fairly well published writers. But overall it was a good experience that really helps in growing as a writer.”

To hear the workshop version of “Please Don’t Go” online, please visit this link: http://www.tenminuteplayworkshop.com/2013/02/tmpw-session-57-samantha-otys-please.html.

To learn more about The RU Department of Theatre and Cinema, please visit www.radford.edu/theatre.

Oct 7, 2013
Elizabeth Dreher

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