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New Media Art - A Lecture by Dr. Simone Paterson


Art will not simply be put into a box nor will it be defined in terms of painting, sculpture, computer technologies, or craft. It is a blending of these elements that encompasses in the new media artwork of Dr. Simone Paterson. On Wednesday, April 10, during a public lecture at Radford University the artist will explain the concept of new media art.

Paterson, an Associate Professor of New Media Art and the Studio Chair at Virginia Tech’s School of Visual Arts, College of Architecture and Urban Studies, explains “New media art addresses the impact of technology on our lived experience. In a time of increasing reliance on technology it is the practice and study of new media itself, the aesthetic and philosophical concerns that can give us coherence and direction, clarifying our position within the world.”

So what exactly is new media art? It is artwork created with new technologies using digital, Internet, computer-based or virtual imagery. It can include video games, robotics, and even biotechnology. Sometimes it is interactive between the viewer and the piece itself.

But new media art is more than the sum of its technology according to Dr. Eloise Philpot, Associate Professor of Art at Radford University, “artists use new technology as perceptual tools that explore multiple points of views and possibilities. Our research gathers information, data, and ideas into new ways to question and reflect on the world around us.”

Dr. Philpot teaches new media at RU and is hosting Dr. Paterson’s lecture.

Paterson will also share her recent work, which compares the Appalachian Mountains to Australia, her birthplace. Her lecture is being presented at 208 Porterfield Hall, Radford University, on April 20 at 5:00 p.m.

For more information about this lecture, please call, (540) 831-5030.

Apr 1, 2013

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