About Us

Welcome to the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)!

Our office is a resource to all students, staff and faculty through our variety of programs, activities and services. You will find resources and people that will support you in your academics, crafting you as a professional, as well as socially and personally.

We have many resources available for students, to name a few visit CDI for computers, our student lounge, a quiet area to study and/or the growing Multicultural Resource Library. You may come to think of CDI as your family away from home.

We are resources to ALL of the Radford community, and invite YOU to stop in to visit and introduce yourself. Our office provides a concentrated focus on the progress, success and concerns of underrepresented populations on Raford University’s campus such as African American, Asian American, Latin@ American, and Native American students. Additionally, in our office you will be able to find programming and resources for faith/ religion and LGBT community.