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Note Taking Services

Note Taking Services Frequently Asked Questions

For Note Takers:

How will I know if I was chosen to be a note taker?
You will receive an email with instructions.

How often do I need to turn notes in?
Notes must be turned in to the Disability Resource Office at least twice a week.

Where do I turn my notes in?
You can bring them by our office in the Lower Level of Tyler Hall, in room 54, Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm.

Do I have to make copies of my notes?
No. We will scan them into our computer system here and deliver them to our registered student.

Can I email my notes?
Yes! Notes can be typed or scanned and emailed to dronotes@radford.edu.

What if there are no notes for class?
Please email dronotes@radford.edu stating “no notes” for class for that week.

What if I miss class?
It is the note taker’s responsibility to arrange notes for missed classes to be taken for the registered DRO students.

What if we watch a movie or have a guest speaker in class?
If the class will be tested or expected to write a paper on the speaker or the movie, please take notes.

What if my class has a lab?
Continue to take notes for lab lectures and turn those in as well.

What if power point slides are available through the professor and D2L?
Take notes on what is being said regarding each slide. The student can then use the hand written notes in conjunction with the power point slides.

What perks do I receive as a note taker?
This is a volunteer position. We can offer priority registration for the following semester, 10% off at Neebo bookstore, and 45 hours of non-conduct community service.

For Registered DRO Students:

Who brings the note taker form back to the DRO?
Your professor will get the note taker form to the DRO after they have passed it around the classroom. Your name will be anonymous through this process.

What is the process and time frame for assigning my note taker and getting my notes?
Once the request for volunteer note taker form is received by the DRO, the volunteer is emailed letting them know they were chosen to take notes for your class. This process could take up to 2 business days. Notes should start to be delivered to you within 1 week of assigning a note taker.

How often should I receive notes?
You should receive notes twice a week. The two days for notes to be delivered to the DRO will be chosen by the note taker based on their schedule of classes.

How will I receive my notes?
Notes will be emailed to you via your Radford email address.

What do I do if I have not received notes in a timely manner?
Contact the DRO immediately if you are not receiving notes in a timely manner. Please do not wait until it’s been over 1 week and you have received no notes.

What do I do if I have an upcoming exam and need my notes?
Notify the DRO of any upcoming exams that you need notes for at least 2 business days prior to the exam. This gives the DRO enough time to contact your note taker and get current notes delivered to you. If the DRO is notified in less than 2 business days, it is not guaranteed that notes will be delivered in time for your exam.

What if the notes are not legible or adequate?
Notify the DRO as soon as possible so your note taker can be asked to provide more thorough notes or another note taker will be chosen.

Should I still attempt to take notes?
Yes, although we understand that can be difficult at times. The notes from your note taker should be an additional tool for you to use in conjunction with your own notes. Having a note taker does not mean its ok to miss class. You still need to attend class regularly.

For Faculty Members:

What are my responsibilities?
When a registered DRO student presents you with their accommodations packet, please take the Volunteer Note Taker form and pass it around the class, asking for volunteers. Please DO NOT disclose the student(s) name(s), as that is confidential. Below is a suggested script to use:

“There is a student in the class who is eligible to receive note taking services.  This form outlines the expectations and benefits of becoming a volunteer note taker.  If you are interested in being a volunteer note taker for the Disability Resource Office, please provide your contact information on this form.”

Once the Volunteer Note Taker Form is filled out, please return the form directly to our office either via inner office campus mail, fax, email, or hand delivery. It is the Faculty’s responsibility to deliver the note taker form to the DRO.

What if no one volunteers to be a note taker?
Please pass the Volunteer Note Taker Form around twice, asking for volunteers. If no one should volunteer, please notify the DRO. We will ask if we have your permission to email the class and attempt to obtain a volunteer that way. If no one should volunteer, please provide the student with class notes, outlines, power points, or any other useful tools in lieu of peer notes.

I have multiple students registered with the DRO in my classes. Can I turn in one form for all the students?
While we understand the convenience of providing only one form for all the students, we would prefer a form to be turned in for each student. There is information at the bottom of each page helps the DRO to identify which student should be receiving the notes. If the volunteer note taker would be taking notes for all the registered students in your class, you can staple them all together with the filled out volunteer form on top.

Aug 6, 2013
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