Use the forms below to make requests for accommodations, test proctoring, and other Disability Resource Office services.

To save the above writable PDF forms in order to send them via email to our office, please do the following:

1. Instead of clicking on the “Save” option, go to “File”—then “Print”

2. A dialog box will appear with a listing of printers in the “Name” drop down box. The following types can be selected, if available.

  • Adobe PDF – (will save the file as a pdf)
  • PDFCreator- (will save the file as a pdf)
  • Microsoft Office Document Image Writer- (will save the file as a .tiff image)
  • Microsoft XPS Document Writer – (will save the file as an .xps image)
  • OneNote- (will save as a OneNote file)

3. Once the preferred printer name is selected, click on the “OK” button and a dialog box will appear with save options. Follow the save options as you would to save any file.