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Vans - Authorized Drivers

Individuals who have completed a defensive driving course for passenger vans and have passed a road test are listed by last name in alphabetical order in the tables below.

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List last updated on: December 05, 2012


Name Department Date added
Alexander, Stephanie Club Sports 04-06-11
Alger, Jo Ann Facilities 06-20-09
All, Jennifer Geology 04-28-11
Allen, Abigayle Club Sports 09-21-12
Aljabir, Marie Women's club soccer 09-09-11
Anderson, Brian Athletcis 06-06-08
Anderson, Mike  Athletics 09-19-05
Appiaruis, Don Dean of Students 07-31-12
Arbury, Steve  Art 08-10-10
Ardito, Dawn Interior Design 10-15-09
Armentrout, Christopher Theatre 01-26-09
Armistead, Jeff SELU 09-15-08
Arslanian, Sarah Club Sports 04-06-11
Arthur, Leah Governor's School 06-26-12
Ashley, Paul Softball/AT 10-07-10
Augustine, Charles RU Rugby 10-30-08


Name Department Date added
Bacon, Kristen RU Outdoors 04-30-10
Baez, Ryan Billards 02-23-12
Baker, Catherine Redcoats 10-17-12
Baire, Christopher Ultimate 09-29-10
Balas, Richard Governor's School 07-09-10
Barbour, Kelsey Club Tennis 03-01-12
Bare, Megan Student Activities 03-22-12
Barron, Katie Club Sports 02-16-11
Barton, Hubert Accounting 08-10-11
Bass, Barrett RU Able 04-11-08
Baumann, Lauren Redcoats 09-23-08
Baxter, Joseph Club Sports 09-09-11
Bayliss, Lloyd Rugby 09-20-10
Bedsaul, Daniel Conference Services 05-21-12
Beeler, Jeffrey Athletics 09-12-08
Berbic, Elvir Governor's School 07-09-10
Berkowitz, Arianna Anthropology 02-19-09
Best, James Athletics 08-23-10
Best, Victoria Womens Basketball 9-20-12
Bingham, Stephen Student Activities 09-29-09
Blakemore, Kieran Ultimate 09-29-10
Bland, Craig Biology 11-13-08
Blankenship, Thomas Theatre 09-13-12
Bolden, Jeff Facilities 08-20-10
Bond, Sandra Alumni Affairs 10-06-10
Bonk, Ken Student Activities 08-20-10
Boone, Loretta Club Sports 03-19-08
Bossman, Sean Athletics 09-08-08
Bowles, Zachary Geology 03-31-10
Bowling, Erin Governor's School 06-25-12
Boyd, Charles Sociology/Anthropology 04-08-10
Brady, Nicholas Geology 04-08-10
Braithwaite,Laura RCPT 06-20-08
Branscome, Roy Facilities 04-20-11
Branscome, Todd Emergency Planning 08-20-09
Brett, Melissa RU student 02-22-11
Brightwell, Attiana Gospel Choir 09-22-09
Brinkley, Lauren Club Sports 9-21-12
Broemmel, Benjamin Rugby 09-20-10
Broome, Lauren Governor's School 07-09-10
Brown, Danielle Club Sports 10-07-08
Brown Jr., Ronald Rugby 10-27-09
Bryant, Philip Ultimate 09-28-10
Buck, Brandon Anthropology 11-02-10
Bumiller, Kyle Swim Club 11-03-11
Burke, Chelsea Governor's School 07-01-10
Burnette, Kyle Environmental Journalism 10-09-08
Burns, Sandra Housekeeping 05-08-12
Burriss, Theresa LARC/English 05-15-08
Burrow, Madisen RU SPACE 10-20-11
Burrows, Sean RU Outdoors 11-13-09
Butterfield, Alex RU Outdoors 10-08-12
Boyd, Donna Anthropology 07-27-10


Name Department Date added
Campbell, Steven Club Swimming 03-30-11
Campbell, Thomas "Alex" Residence Life 05-15-12
Cantrell, William Music 12-05-12
Carlson, Krista Athletics 09-15-09
Carter, Jr. Randall Men's Tennis 02-16-11
Cashwell, Catherine Club Sports 09-26-12
Catizone, Pietro RU Outdoors 04-03-08
Childress-Hilton, April Residence Life 04-23-10
Chilton, James Club Sports 09-26-12
Christopher, Molly Residence Life 05-09-12
Chumbley, Steven Athletics 09-11-09
Clare, Nicola RU Able 04-20-12
Clarke, Clarissa Anthropology Club 04-11-11
Cline, Holly Interior Design 09-11-09
Cline, Matthew Marketing 10-07-10
Calloway, Kayleigh Interior Design 09-11-09
Coan, Alexander RU Outdoors 04-01-08
Coartney, Jorge Facilities 06-20-08
Coffey, Ian Swimming 11-06-12
Collins, LaTanya Women's Basketball 09-08-09
Cooper, Ashley RCPT 06-20-08
Cooper, Lisa Residence Life 07-31-12
Condon, Ross Athletics 10-21-08
Conrad, Jennifer Athletics 11-03-11
Conrad, Kristin Nursing 09-23-08
Cornwell, Ashley Anthropology 02-19-09
Costello, Miles Geology 10-20-11
Crawford, Kimberly RU Outdoors 11-09-09
Creane, Christopher Governor's School 06-27-12
Creany, Trevor Music 12-05-12
Crewey, Alesia Club Sports 09-29-11
Crocker, John  Safety Office 08-10-00
Croke, Danielle RU Outdoors 03-05-09
Cromwell, Brittany Club Sports 09-21-12
Crook, Elizabeth Geology 06-05-12
Cuevas, Sonya Club Sports 11-28-07
Cutler, Andrew RU Outdoors 03-05-08


Name Department Date added
Dalton, Stephanie Club Volleyball 09-27-10
Darnell, Aaron Rugby 09-20-10
Davidson, Caroline Club Sports 04-06-11
Davis, Amy Athletic Training 01-10-11
Davis, Jennifer Residence Life 07-31-12
Davis, Sarah RU Able 09-29-11
Dawson, Danielle Women's Basketball 10-03-12
Deadrick, Heather Theatre 12-10-10
Dean, Michael Athletics 09-08-08
Dean, Joshua Rugby 09-20-10
Dempsey, Skylar RU Outdoors 11-01-12
Deskins, Beth School of Social Work 09-14-12
Desrosiers, Adrienne Governor's School 07-01-10
Detyens, Madeline Swim Club 03-26-12
Diaz, Christina Volleyball 11-03-09
Dick, Ashley Theatre 01-18-11
Dillon, Vonda Club Sports 10-24-08
Dolan, Austin Governor's School 07-01-10
Dooley, Keela RU Outdoors 10-27-10
Doss, Farrell Interior Design & Fashion 03-19-08
Doten, Joseph RU Outdoors 02-16-11
Dotts, Christopher Recreation 03-19-08
Dumin, Michael RARE 10-14-08
Duncan, Billy Skeet and Trap 10-25-10
Duncan-Daston, Rana Distance Ed 01-16-08
Dunn, Robert Facilities Planning and Construction 04-06-11
Dupont, Carly Conference Services 05-21-12
Dwyer, Dylan RU Outdoors 02-16-11


Name Department Date added
Eguchi, Shogo Athletics 08-14-12
Elder, Peyton Club Sports 10-03-12
Elhordoy, Victor Club Sports 10-24-08
Ellerman, Gary  College of Graduate & Extended Education 11-10-08
Ely, Paul Facilities Planning and Construction 04-06-11
English, Kevin Music 11-10-08
Estes, Loretta Waldron College 12-06-07
Etheridge, Lori Residence Life 05-15-12
Evans, Crystina RU Rockers 03-16-12
Evans, Eric Athletics 06-06-08
Evans, Henry RU ABLE 05-15-12
Evanson, Chantel Sports Medicine 02-23-12


Name Departments Date added
Facemire, Marilyn Conference Services 05-12-08
Faller, Kevin Music 10-24-11
Falletta, David Residence Life 07-31-12
Fearson, Kevin Student Activities 10-31-08
Fenner, Ashley RU Able 03-25-11
Fenwick, Elaine Art 11-12-07
Ferguson, Brittany Athletics 08-08-08
Ferguson, Michelle Club Sports 02-16-11
Fetter, Gary Management 12-05-12
Figueira, Samantha Theatre 01-27-11
Filbert, Tim Academic Engagement 11-30-10
Fenimore, Danielle Criminal Justice 09-21-11
Fitzgibbon, James Music 09-22-11
Flynn, John RU Rugby 10-29-08
Foong, Byron Eye to Eye 10-08-12
Ford, Brittany Athletics 08-22-12
Ford, Travis RU-SPACE 09-23-10
Fountain-Yates, Stanatasia Club Softball 09-12-11
Fox, Jason Anthropology 10-01-12
Fox, Kevin Club Sports 10-02-08
Francl, Karen Biology 08-11-08
Franklin, Elizabeth RU Outdoors 02-28-08
Frazier, Alec RU Outdoors 01-26-12
Frazier, Andrew RU Outdoors 10-27-10
Frazier, Kara Club Sports 10-01-12
Fugate, Jennifer Athletics 08-08-08
Fuller, Jessica Club Sports 09-23-08
Fullmer, Elise School of Social Work 08-04-11
Furr, Jami Club Softball 09-12-11


Name Department Date added
Gall, Robert Billards 02-23-12
Gallo II, Anthony Skeet and Trap 09-30-09
Gammarino, Ian RU Outdoors 10-09-12
Garlic, Benjamin Music 09-27-12
Garrison, Joseph Music 11-05-10
Gaskins, Chelsea RU Rockers 04-03-09
Goad, Danielle Theatre 01-27-11
Goad, Mike Facilities 04-03-09
Goad, Stephanie Theatre 01-18-11
Gorwitz, Brian Athletics 08-22-12
Gower, Frances Theatre 11-19-10
Gralley, William Rugby 09-20-10
Graves, Hunter Conference Services 05-21-12
Graziani, Briana Recreation, Parks and Tourism 03-18-10
Gregory, Kristin Conference Services 06-01-09
Grubb, Scott Student Activities 10-31-08
Grunau, Kacie Swim Club 03-26-12
Guerra, Zachary Club Sports 02-24-11
Guerry, Mark RU Able 05-13-09
Guest, Anthony Theater 03-07-08
Guinan, Judith Biology 11-11-09
Guncheon, Cooper Club Sports 09-19-12
Gunter, Jamilla Governor's School 06-25-12
Guvernator, Lyubov RU Outdoors 11-11-09


Name Department Date added
Hagen, Joel Biology 06-15-10
Hagood, Nicholas Conference Services 06-15-10
Hairston, Sierra Club Sports 11-28-07
Hale, Rob RU Outdoors 10-14-08
Hales, George RU Women's Soccer Club 03-19-10
Hamilton, Coleman RU Outdoors 4-23-09
Hampton, Carolyn Theatre 11-18-10
Hanson, Christopher Theatre 11-09-10
Hariston, Shaterra Club Sports 09-29-11
Harris, Jason Club Sports 09-28-12
Harrison, Bruce  Athletics 04-06-09
Harrison, Camden Club Sports 09-28-12
Harrison, Stephen Facilities Management 10-30-12
Harrow, Kori Conference Services 06-01-09
Hassan, Farah Club Soccer 03-23-12
Haynes, Giaynna RU Rockers 04-06-09
Heinrich, Brittney Occupational Therapy 02-02-10
Hendrix, Pamela Criminal Justice 09-21-11
Herald, Laura Interior Design 09-14-09
Herman, Rhett Chemistry & Physics 11-15-07
Hernandez, Carlos Velazquez Theater 11-15-07
Herold, Marc Skeet and Trap 02-23-12
Herrington, Duncan COBE 04-30-09
Hertel, Chris Volleyball 02-28-12
Hickey, Daniel Club Soccer 03-19-12
Hicks, T.J. RU Outdoors 01-26-12
Hicks, Rhena Geology 10-08-12
Hines, Korey Athletics 03-25-11
Hobbs, Frances RU Rockers 04-06-09
Hodges, Matthew RU Outdoors 11-10-09
Hodgson, Amy Athletics 08-08-08
Hogan, Benjamin Governor's School 06-27-12
Hogsett, Matthew Rugby 09-20-10
Holland, Shannon RU Rockers 04-03-09
Holloway, Matthew Music 12-05-12
Holton, Michael Residence Life 05-09-12
Hornick, John Graphic Design Guild 03-03-11
Hospach, Asha Interior Design 10-28-08
Hubbard, Sam Club Sports 10-24-08
Hummer, Samantha Club Volleyball 09-29-10
Hurd, Thomas Club Sports 02-12-08
Hylton, Jessica Governor's School 07-01-10
Hyman, Michael Skeet and Trap 09-30-09
Hyatt, Michael Athletic Training 03-22-12


Name Department Date added
Irby, Christopher Lacrosse Club 02-12-10
Ivey, Cassie Women's Ultimate Frisbee 09-23-09


Name Department Date added
Jackson, Lukas RU Outdoors 04-20-11
Jagusiak, Amanda Theater 01-14-08
James, Clarity  Music 04-22-09
James, Kevin RU Women's Soccer Club 03-19-10
Jenkins, Jessica RU Rockers 04-03-09
Jenkins, Marci Volleyball 04-22-09
Jessee, Marcus Geology 04-06-11
Johnson, Andrew Governor's School 06-27-12
Jones, Kathryn Conference Services 05-11-11
Jones, Levette Governor's School 07-05-11
Jones, Matthew Rugby 09-20-10
Jones, Megan Center for Diversity & Inclusion 04-23-10
Jones, Olajuwon Residence Life 05-15-12
Jones, Tony Facilities 09-20-10
Joyner, Katlyn Athletics 02-03-11


Name Department Date added
Kaplan, Noah Theatre 12-10-10
Kates, Katherine RU Redcoats 09-26-11
Kauffman, Jordan RU-SPACE 09-22-10
Kavo, Zachary Athletic Training 03-16-12
Keen, Alex Theatre 01-29-09
Keen, Amber Residence Life 10-21-08
Kell, John Biology 11-10-08
Keller, Laura Geology 04-08-10
Kelso, Trumaine Track 02-23-12
Kennan, Betty Communications 11-10-08
Kennan, Katheryn Governor's School 06-25-12
Kelley, Leigh Communications 10-09-08
Keltner, Sam Athletics 08-22-12
Kesling, Cody Music 04-08-10
Kimble, Tyler Skeet and Trap 10-25-10
Kimbleton, Anthony Club Tennis 03-01-12
King, Teresa International Education 08-14-12
Kingery, Andrew Geology 10-29-09
Kingery, Lyndsay Conference Services 06-17-10
Kirby, Briana Women's Ultimate Frisbee 09-16-09
Knudsen, Sophie RU Outdoors 10-27-11
Kobos, Daniel Lacrosse Club 02-12-10
Kolb, Paul Governor's School 06-25-12
Kovich, Jamie RU SPACE 10-20-11
Krage, Jason Theatre 01-18-11
Krammes, Zachary RU Outdoors 11-05-09
Kunigonis, Michael Athletics 06-06-08


Name Department Date added
Lampman, Kathryn Softball 08-22-08
Lassiter, Annie Club Sports 09-21-12
Lautieri, Maria RU Rockers 04-06-09
Leahy, Neal Athletics 10-20-08
Lefko, Carl Theater 09-22-09
Legesse, Dawit Athletics 09-22-09
Lemay, Nicholas Club Sports 10-21-09
Lenhart, Steve  Geology 08-11-08
Lennon, Charlene Theatre 12-10-10
Leveski, Tyler Athletics 08-11-08
Lewis, Sara Governor's School 06-25-12
Linski, Kyle RU Outdoors 11-05-09
Liptak, John Experiential Learning 09-11-08
Litvak, Ben Student Activities 08-17-12
Lloyd, James Athletics 09-11-08
Long, Courtney Club Sports 10-10-12
Long, John Biology 11-13-08
Lollar, James Marketing 02-06-12
Lowe, Samantha RU Rockers 06-16-12
Low, Stephen Theatre 01-26-09


Name Department Date added
Mackintosh, Brian RU Outdoors 10-27-08
Mah, Albert Foundation 10-27-08
Mahon-Haft, Taj Criminal Justice 09-21-11
Majzoub, Marian Governor's School 06-27-12
Maple, Megan RU Redcoats 09-26-11
Maravetz, Grant Club Sports 02-24-11
Marcus, Tripp Theatre 01-26-09
Mariconda, Charisse Women's Softball 09-09-10
Marshall, Jessica Club Sports 09-21-12
Martus, Lisa Theater 11-14-07
Mauk, Myrissa Design 08-05-08
Maust, Margaret Swim Club 11-03-11
McClead, Kaila Design 08-05-08
McClellan, Elizabeth Geology 10-29-09
McCray, Keith Women's Basketball 09-09-10
McCullough, Kareem Governor's School 06-27-12
McGahan, Kiley RU Outdoors 03-05-08
McGaughey, Ryan Theater 11-14-07
McGranahan, Ann Athletics 08-08-08
McGrath, Shannon Club Sports 09-19-12
McGraw, Cindy Women's Basketball 09-08-09
McKenzie, Connie RU Outdoors 10-19-10
McLain, Margaret Redcoats 10-16-12
McMillan, Patrick Biology 03-20-08
McMillan, Sean Club Volleyball 09-29-10
Mead, Doug Student Activities 08-17-12
Meason, Samantha Club Sports 09-19-12
Medrano, Bernardo Club Sports 02-12-08
Meeks, Charles Club Sports 10-24-08
Meiners, Lauren Student Activities 09-26-08
Melesse, Rediet Multicultural & International 11-13-08
Messick, Loren Softball 08-30-10
Miccio, Keith RU Outdoors 10-08-12
Miles, Margaux Club Sports 09-26-12
Miller, Antonio Residence Life 05-09-12
Milton, Mitchell Occupational Therapy 02-02-10
Mitchell, Kayla Women's Ultimate Frisbee 09-23-09
Moo Young, Ryan Club Sports 10-15-12
Morabito, David RU Outdoors 10-08-12
More, Catherine Interior Design 09-16-09
Morgan, David Theatre 09-23-08
Morgan, Blaine Skeet and Trap 10-28-10
Morgan, Forest Geology 01-26-09
Moser, Alyssa Governor's School 06-26-12
Moss, Ernest Track & Field 08-17-10
Mowles, Aaron Theatre 11-18-10
Mudie, Andrew Theatre 11-17-10
Muller, Daniel Recreation, Parks, Tourism 04-23-08
Murphy, Jackie Athletics 10-21-08


Name Department Date added
Naylor, Timothy Geology 01-26-09
Nelson, Bridget RU Rockers 03-31-10
Nester, Chandish Governor's School 07-05-11
Newton, Scott Club Sports 02-04-08
Nichols, Jacob RU Outdoors 02-25-08
Nielson, Britney Club Sports 02-23-11
Nye, Colton Conference Services 05-21-12


Name Department Date added
Obenhaus, Joshua RU Outdoors 02-24-11
Ogrizek, Igor Athletics 08-29-12
Oliveri, Rick Athletics 02-24-10
O'Neal, Andrew Theatre 01-26-09
Ones, Olajuwon Track 02-23-12
Ott, Hannah Residence Life 05-15-12
Owen, Stephen Criminal Justice 09-21-11


Name Department Date added
Pacheco Lopez, Yaritza Theatre 09-13-12
Page, Kelsey Club Volleyball 03-01-12
Page, Sara RU-SPACE 09-27-10
Parker, Rachel Cheerleading 10-07-10
Parrish, Stanley Facilities 04-01-11
Pauley, Daryl Theatre 08-28-12
Penglase, Andrew RU Able/Rugby 05-25-10
Percoco, Claire Dance 04-04-11
Perkins, Crasha Diversity & Inclusion 07-31-12
Perkins, James Parking 07-02-09
Phillips, Kelsey Club Volleyball 03-01-12
Pierce, Jennifer Interior Design 10-29-08
Piro, Lucinda Governor's School 06-15-10
Plekhanov, Aleksey Dance 07-02-09
Ponthieux, Sarah Swim Club 03-26-12
Powroznik, Meredith Women's Club Soccer 09-09-11
Price, Cassandra Athletics 02-22-08
Price, Richard RU Outdoors 11-01-12
Privott, Kevin Conference Services 05-11-11
Provance, Matthew Theatre 11-17-10
Puckett, Maison Club Sports 09-28-12
Pyrch, Patrick Diving 11-06-12


No names available.


Name Department Date added
Raccuia, Joseph Athletics 06-06-08
Radford, Justin Geology 01-26-09
Ranson, Kelsey Interior Design 09-14-11
Rash II, Curtis Governor's School 06-25-12
Ratliff, Jessica Dance 04-04-11
Rayburn, Kelsey RU Outdoors 03-28-11
Rayford, Melissa Governor's School 06-15-10
Reagan, Raphael Theatre 01-27-11
Recchia, Fran Women's Basketball 09-09-10
Redd, Emily SGA 07-31-12
Reed, Aaron RU Outdoors 03-04-09
Reeves, Marc RU Men's Soccer 04-23-10
Rehfeldt, Ryan RU Outdoors 10-30-08
Rhodes, Kara Club Volleyball 09-27-10
Rhodes, Meghan Club Swimming 03-30-11
Rice, Allen Athletics 06-06-08
Ridpath, Foster RU Intramurals 04-10-08
Ridpath, Tanya  Conference Services 10-18-10
Ristow, Anna Cheerleading 02-28-12
Rivera, Gwendolyn Club Sports 09-25-12
Robinette, Olivia Theatre 11-17-10
Rodgers, Timothy RU Outdoors 11-06-09
Rogers, Orion  Biology 09-14-11
Rogers, Whitley Swim Club 11-03-11
Rohr, Matt RU-SPACE 10-18-10
Rolince, Kim Club Sports 09-21-12
Rorrer, Brittany Interior Design 09-14-11
Rorrer, Joseph Conference Services 06-01-09
Roscoe, Eric RU Outdoors 03-04-09
Russell, Courtney Conference Services 05-11-11
Rybitski, Christopher Theatre 12-10-10


Name Department Date added
Sabate, Katia Athletics 01-18-11
Sanderl, Robert Music 04-08-10
Saperstein, Jeff English 06-16-10
Sarwari, Waleed Conference Services 06-16-10
Sauerbier, Calvin RU Outdoors 11-17-10
Saunders, Tiffany Athletics 02-24-10
Saville, Roy Facilities Planning and Construction 05-12-08
Sburlati, Angela Conference Services 05-12-08
Scartelli, Joseph Office of the Provost 03-11-11
Schoenhardt, Anna RU Outdoors 11-09-09
Schoenherr, Kelly Club Sports 09-21-12
Schuler, Carly RU Outdoors 10-27-11
Scott-Webber, Linda Interior Design 10-24-08
Scripture, Jared RU Able 03-25-11
Senter, Timothy Club Sports 09-19-12
Sethi, Parvinder Geology 02-25-08
Shank, Jordan RU-SPACE 09-27-10
Sheehy, Robert Biology 02-25-08
Shelor, Chris Studnet Activities 08-17-12
Shifflett, John Athletics 08-14-12
Sigmon, Nathan Governor's School 06-27-12
Simmons, Brandon Billards 10-19-10
Sinclair, Michael Social Worker 09-11-09
Singer, Fred Biology 09-11-09
Skeens, Benny  Capital Outlay 10-29-08
Skyler, Dustin Swim Club 11-03-11
Sliwinski, Maciej Men's Soccer 05-13-10
Slockbower, Eric RU Rugby 10-29-08
Small, Christine Biology 12-01-09
Smals, Thomas Women's Volleyball 12-01-09
Simdl, Sarah Occupational Therapy 02-06-12
Smith, Cedric Athletics 10-21-08
Smith, Kendell Cheerleading 02-28-12
Smith, Phillip Governor's School 06-25-12
Smith, Sharron RU Able 04-20-12
Smith, William RU Able 04-30-09
Snow, Emily Governor's School 06-26-12
Sorenson, Amanda Student Programs 09-14-10
Sosnicki, Jessica Biology 04-30-10
Souza, Emerson Club Sports 09-13-11
Spears, Jonathan Athletics 06-06-08
Stephens, William (Julio) Sustainability 08-10-10
Stephenson, George Geology 06-06-08
Stoyanova, Irina Conference Services 06-16-10
Street, Stephanie Theatre 09-13-12
Suntheimer, Ashley RU Outdoors 02-24-09
Swientisky, Paige RU Outdoors 01-26-12


Name Department Date added
Taylor, Adam Theatre 11-09-10
Taylor, Ellen Conference Services 09-11-09
Temple, Julie Interior Design 09-11-09
Thomas, Catherine Club Sports 09-29-11
Thurston, Vivian RU Outdoors 10-27-11
Todd, Abigail Governor's School 07-01-10
Tompkins, Alyssa Club Sports 02-23-11
Trawick, Lauren RU Outdoors 04-17-08
Trent, Colby Conference Services 05-12-08
Trent, Theresa School of Social Work 09-14-12
Tso, Jonathan Geology 05-12-08
Tucker, Tiffany Athletics 10-20-08
Tufts, Kaylilla RU Able 04-12-10
Turk, Rebekah Interior Design 10-27-08
Turner, Nathan Track & Field 08-17-10
Twiest, Jessica Student Activities 01-06-11


Name Department Date added
Urista, Juan Carlos Anthropology 02-19-09
Uzel, Sarah Governor's School 07-09-10


Name Department Date added
Vance, Lucas RU Club Sports 11-17-10
Vasquez, Samantha Cheerleading 02-28-12
Velazquez, Carlos Theatre 11-15-07


Name Department Date added
Walker, Matthew Club Soccer 10-08-10
Walter, Lindsey Women's Basketball 09-20-12
Wampler, Katherine SGA 07-31-12
Ward, Angela Residence Life 10-13-08
Waters, Keith RU Outdoors 03-05-08
Webb, Sean Skeet and Trap 02-23-12
Webb, Ryan Club Sports 09-28-12
Webber, Thomas Interior Design 10-24-08
Weinberg, Jenna Club Sports 09-19-12
Weir, Ian Skeet and Trap 09-30-09
West, Elizabeth Club Sports 04-06-11
West, Tony Governor's School/Residence Life 06-15-10
Wheeler, David Theatre 09-30-09
White, Geoffrey Student Activities 05-17-10
White, Wesley Student Activities 08-17-12
Whitney, Stephen Theatre 11-16-07
Whitt, Samantha Club Sports 10-03-12
Whitt, Teresa COSD 08-17-10
Widis, Amanda RU Outdoors/ Ultimate Frisbee 11-06-09
Wilkinson, Stanley Recycling 11-30-10
Williams, Emma Redcoats 10-12-09
Williams, Kirnelius Conference Services 05-21-12
Wolfe, Bobbie RU Able 05-25-10


No names available.


Name Department Date added
Yoder, Cassady Anthropology 02-19-09
Yonts, Jason Geology 06-15-10
Young, Wesley  Theatre 06-15-10
Youngblood, Peyton RU Outdoors 11-30-10


Name Department Date added
Ziebell, Zane Lacrosse Club 02-12-10
Zoller, Kari Governor's School 07-09-10