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Occupational and Construction Safety


The Safety Office inspects the campus twice a year to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations. Inspections may be announced or unannounced. Please call the Safety Office if you would like a checklist appropriate for your area.

Accident Investigations

All work related accidents and incidents are reviewed by the Safety Manager. If indicated, the Safety Manager will conduct an accident investigation to determine the causes and to recommend corrective actions to eliminate or minimize the event. Emphasis is placed on the importance of reporting all accidents and incidents to supervision, whether they result in personal injuries, illnesses, property damage, or near misses. Accident investigations are based on fact finding, not fault finding. Based on the investigation conducted by the Safety Office the following actions may be taken:

  • A work order may be executed to make appropriate repairs.
  • The employee may be counseled about safe practices.
  • A safety program may be created to include procedures and training.
  • Personal protective equipment may be issued.

To be in compliance with Worker Compensation requirements we must submit a picture of the surface a worker slips on if there is something wrong with the surface. Please call the Safety Office to arrange a time to take the picture.   


Receptacles should be routinely tested for proper wiring configuration and contact tension. Ground fault circuit interrupters should be checked periodically to ensure proper operation. The Safety Office randomly checks receptacles during inspections. Upon request the Safety Office will test the conditions of your outlets and GFCI’s.


Proper lighting in the workplace is essential because it affects safety and the quality of work. Lighting should be bright enough to view work tasks easily and directed so it does not produce glare. Glare is a common problem with video display terminals. Upon request the Safety Office will assess your work area for proper lighting levels and glare.