Landscape Services

Landscape Services is designed to provide a safe, clean and attractive environment conducive to the educational experience. The university has a Campus Master Plan that guides projects and plantings as well as serving as a compass for long-term planning.

Athletic Fields

Landscape Services staff works diligently to maintain Radford University’s athletic playing surfaces. Responsibilities include seven NCAA Division I athletic venues as well as five other multi-use fields used for intramural and recreational purposes.  Our main goal is to provide high quality, safe athletic fields for all the teams, clubs, and students of Radford University and the teams they host.


Radford University’s expansive campus is maintained by the staff of Landscape Services. The versatility of the staff is an essential part in the operations that include campus wide litter removal, refuse collection, landscape maintenance, and the annual flower/color program.  In addition, the staff regularly assists with support of construction and renovations on campus and special events.  Landscape Services proudly provides Radford University with one of the most attractive and inviting campuses in the country.