Residence Halls

Allowing students to live comfortably during their time at Radford University is a top priority, which is why Facilities Planning and Construction periodically undertakes renovations of residence halls.

The current residence halls renovation project involves Pocahontas, Bolliing and Draper Halls. The three-building renovation scope will provide for the replacement of plumbing piping, fixtures, fire alarm systems, electrical upgrades, accessibility improvements, asbestos abatement, and the addition of air conditioning and a fire- suppression system in each building, similar to the renovation scopes recently completed for Madison, Jefferson, Moffett, and Washington Halls.  Combining the three buildings into one project also saves resources and creates efficiencies, given the similar floor plans of the three buildings.

In addition to the above project scopes, there will be a multi-level lounge space built in each building that will allow open visibility from the building lobby area to a lower-level lounge.  This transforming feature will give vibrant new life to these buildings built in the 1950s.

The project will be broken into three phases; chilled water loop installation, which was completed in Spring 2015;  Bolling and Pocahontas in 2015 and Draper in 2016. The chilled water loop portion of the project was completed in Spring, 2015.  The renovation of Bolling and Pocahontas was completed and occupied for fall opening 2015 and Draper was complete for fall opening, 2016.