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Executive Council

President: Jerry Kopf
Vice President: Carter Turner
Secretary: Kim Gainer
At-Large: Susan Schoppelrey
At-Large: Roann Barris

News & Events


The 2015-2016 Faculty Senate met for an organizational meeting on April 30, 2015, and elected members of the Executive Council: Jerry Kopf, president; Carter Turne, vice president; Kim Gainer, secretary; and Susan Schoppelrey and Roann Barris, at-large.

The first business meeting of the Faculty Senate willl be held Thursday, September 3, from 3:30-5, in the Combo Room on the second floor of the Hurlburt Student Center ("The Bonnie"). Meetings are open to the public.

Please note: This web site replaces an earlier one. The material on the old site will be migrated to this site, but if you are unable to find something here, please check the old Faculty Senate site, located at http://senate.asp.radford.edu/