RU Foundation Board

The Radford University Foundation is governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors who are committed to the success of both the Foundation and Radford University. This board is made up of alumni, supporters and senior staff at the University. The current Board of Directors is listed below. Most members of the Board are elected to their posts by the Board.

Ms. Dale Parris '85, '11, Board President

Ms. Nancy E. Artis, '73 , Board Vice President

Mr. Marquett Smith, '85, Board Treasurer

Mr. Christopher Huther '88, Board Secretary

Radford University Vice President Finance & Administration and CFO Richard S. Alvarez

Dr. Nathaniel Bishop '88

Ms. Callie Dalton '82

Mr. Keith Finch

Ms. Mary Ann Hovis '65

Mr. George P. Kite, III '03

Mr. Wayne Klotz '78

Radford University President Dr. Brian O. Hemphill

Ms. Michelle O'Connor '91

Radford University Interim Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Joseph Scartelli

Mr. Richard D. Schwein Jr. '83

Mr. Kent T. Warren '91