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RU Real Estate Foundation

RU Corporate Park, 6226 University Park Drive

The Radford University Real Estate Foundation was formed in 2003, with the mission of supporting Radford University. The Real Estate Foundation shares staff with the Radford University Foundation.

The primary asset of the Real Estate Foundation is the former hospital building located at 6226 University Park Drive in Radford. The Real Estate Foundation operates this building as an office building. Call Doug Walsh at (540) 831-2010 for more information or visit www.RUCorporatePark.com.

The Radford University Real Estate Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and has a consolidated audit with the Radford University Foundation, but each foundation files its own IRS Form 990. 

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Project Outreach is a partnership between the College of Business and Economics and the Radford University Real Estate Foundation. The program is designed to offer students real world experience through internships while helping the Foundation improve its marketing for the RU Corporate Park. The program sends students out in the local business community to collect data and use face-to-face sales skills to showcase the RU Corporate Park. Two of the students have been offered employment as a result of their interactions with the community.

Project Outreach is led by Mr. Koehler Slagel, an MBA student, under the direction of Dr. James Lollar, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Marketing, with support from Dr. Maneesh Thakkar, Assistant Professor of Marketing, and Mr. Chris Niles, Director of the MBA Program. There are 12 undergraduate students of various majors and classes enrolled in the Program, working under 4 MBA students who are serving as team leaders.

An additional component to Project Outreach includes 4 additional MBA students who are working on implementing a rebranding campaign to increase awareness of the RU Corporate Park within the Radford community.