In-State Tuition Rates

The charges you incur at Radford may vary due to many variable factors.  You can find the cost chart by visiting the Office of the Bursar website. 

New or currently enrolled graduate student

    * Graduate College Office, 540-831-5431

Currently enrolled undergraduate students who have had a change in their residency status may be eligible to qualify for Virginia residency and receive in-state tuition rates.  All applicants must fill out a Virginia residency application which is available for pick-up in the Registrar’s office or available online here.   

Once the application is received, there are several sources of documentation which may be required to prove your status.  Some of these documents may be:

    * Evidence that domicile is not for educational purposes only
    * Virginia state tax returns
    * Virginia drivers’ license
    * Virginia voters’ registration
    * Virginia vehicle registration
    * Written reasoning from the applicant as to why Virginia domicile is evident
    * Clear and convincing evidence that Virginia domicile has been established and that any other state domicile has been abandoned.

Documentation will be requested as deemed necessary by the domicile coordinator and will vary with individual cases.  For continuing students, supporting documentation is required with the application.

Granting of in-state tuition rates is not retroactive. The initial application must be received prior to the beginning of classes for the semester in which the rate change will be effective.

If you need further assistance or help, please contact the Registrar’s Office at (540) 831-5271 or