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Professional Development Grant

You must apply prior to travel for your conference
and your Department Chair must sign off on the application.

This application is due to the Graduate College no less than four weeks prior to travel.

Remember to have your Department Chair sign off!


This worksheet and all receipts must be turned in to the Graduate College within 10 days after travel.

Graduate students and undergraduate students in five-year programs that will lead to a Masters at Radford University will have the opportunity to be reimbursed up to $250 for presentation at one professional conference per academic year. To be reimbursed, students must be registered as degree seeking students. No more than three students will be supported for a single presentation.

These monies are first come, first serve and will only reimburse for registration and lodging fees. It is important to remember that in lodging fees, it will be a requirement for you to be as economical as possible (i.e. - 3 people to a room). Receipt of this grant is contingent upon the student providing evidence as a presenter.

If reimbursed for attendance, students will be required to attend a Forum in April. At this forum, students will give a brief presentation about information learned at their professional conference and the impact it has had on them professionally. This forum will be for all of the RU community as well as the local professional community. Through this forum, students that attend conferences will help to share the knowledge with a larger base of people.

You will not be reimbursed until after your travel so plan to have money to pay for your costs during the conference. Receipts will be required with the Reimbursement Form that you must fill out after attendance at a conference.

***Submitting an application to the Graduate College does not guarantee funding!***