Mission Statement

The Radford University Greenhouse supports the educational and research needs of the Department of Biology in the College of Science and Technology. It serves those needs by:

  • maintaining a diverse living reference collection to facilitate and supplement teaching in the areas of biology, botany, systematics and ecology,
  • growing a variety of plant materials each semester for introductory and advanced level teaching laboratories,
  • managing growing areas for student experiments,
  • providing faculty researchers with professionally managed growing space to conduct research,
  • maintaining conservatory areas to demonstrate ecological concepts and economically important plants to the Radford community, including area elementary, secondary, post-secondary, and alternative school groups, and
  • providing facilities, materials, and expertise for summer science workshops, various special interest seminars and related public outreach programs.

The Greenhouse Collection includes a diversity of plants from around the world found in a variety of different habitats. The environmental conditions required by our specimens are maintained in three separate rooms, each with its own climate control.