Visit the Greenhouse

Greenhouse orchid

Greenhouse orchid

The facility welcomes visitors to all areas of the Greenhouse during operating hours. All group activities (including classes, tours, etc.) must be scheduled at least a week in advance of the visit.

If you are interested in scheduling a visit, please contact the Greenhouse manager, Darrell White or call 540-831-6233 to learn more.

Where is the Greenhouse Located?

The Radford University Greenhouse is located just east of the Reed/Curie Science Building facing campus. It is accessible from the 1st floor of Reed Hall from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. View a map of campus.

What about Science Days?

The Radford University Science Alliance is a consortium of Radford University faculty and students from the Sciences that hosts PK-12 school groups here at Radford University for a "Science Day." These are day-long field trips full of science activities for your students. The Science Alliance includes the Radford University Planetarium, the Physics Department, the Geology Department's Museum of the Earth Sciences, the Biology Department's Greenhouse, and the Chemistry Department.

Guidelines for Greenhouse Tours

  • Please arrive on time for scheduled tours. Student tour leaders are scheduled around their class times.
  • Be considerate when you are in a tour group. Group sizes are generally around 20 - 25 and it is often hard to hear and be heard when leading a tour.
  • If a plant gets damaged, please let your tour leader know promptly. We can often propagate some if not all of the broken parts.
  • If you have questions about plants, projects or greenhouses, don't be shy! Our tour leaders are Biology majors and probably know the answer or know where to find the answer.
  • Most of all, enjoy your tour!