About Us

The Department of Human Resources is committed to taking a leadership role in creating and supporting a highly productive, diverse, and qualified workforce. The staff promotes a positive work environment for university employees by proactive and creative problem solving, recognition of employees contributions, and by providing continuous opportunity for growth and development. The department places strong emphasis on programs and activities which promote good customer service, improve efficiency, and enhance the institutional image.

Employee Relations

Resolve problems and encourage a positive relationship between management and staff. Ensure fair and consistent treatment and adherence to all applicable policies and procedures. Promote activities which enhance the quality of worklife, increase employee morale, and heighten the sense of community.


Offer educational opportunities for management and staff to enhance their expertise and effectiveness. Develop and promote on-site programs that are needs-based and cost-effective.


Recruit and select highly qualified persons who have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for a high performance, quality oriented workforce. Assure equal opportunity and compliance with related laws, regulations and policies.


Process all employee transactions promptly, accurately, and efficiently to provide quality service to the university community in a courteous manner. Ensure compliance with all policies and regulations concerning the appropriate maintenance and disposition of records for which the Department of Human Resources is responsible.


Ensure that benefits meet employee needs and that employees have access to accurate and complete information in order to make informed decisions. Promote wellness programs to encourage a healthier lifestyle for the mutual benefit of the employee and the University.


Provide continuous review of all position descriptions, recognizing the responsibilities and qualifications of each position, assuring fair and consistent classification within the university and state system. Ensure pay practices meet legislated and policy guidelines and that employees are adequately compensated for their level of responsibility and performance.

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Ensure compliance to equal opportunity and affirmative action principles and requirements. Promote initiatives to enhance the successful advancement of diversity in the workforce.