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CMS Account Request


A Content Management System (CMS) account grants a user access to the content management system to edit and maintain specific websites under their purview.

How to Request This Service

To obtain a CMS account, users must participate in either online or in-person training. For the in-person training, visit https://php.radford.edu/~citl/training/ and click on the “Web Development” sessions to register. If you have attended training, you may submit the account request form to webcomm@radford.edu.


There is no charge to users.


Faculty, staff and student workers.


The Content Management System is available 24/7. Users must be on campus or on the campus VPN to access the CMS.


For technical support or issues with permissions after being granted an account, contact the Technology Assistance Center at (540) 831-7500 or visit http://tac.asp.radford.edu/.