Available Trainings

Visit the CITL Training and Development Support System to view our current offerings and enroll in a class.


Banner Training is required for certain new users of Banner, RU’s administrative system software.  In order to obtain access to Self Service Banner Finance and eVA procurement systems, you must first attend an Intro to Banner Finance/eVA class.

If you will be using Internet Native Banner (INB), you are required to attend INB General Navigation training.  This training is primarily geared to administrative support staff, advisors, and newly hired staff in functional areas such as Admissions, Financial Services, Registrar, Advancement, etc.

Classroom Technology (Making the Most of the Equipment)

Radford University prides itself in providing state of the art technology in the classroom.  We offer individual training session that walk through methods for using these technologies in your instruction. These sessions include information and tips on using the touch panel, sympodium, wireless projection, microphones, document camera and other classroom equipment.  

CMS – Website Content Management System Training

Official Radford University administrative and academic departments are encouraged to attend training to learn how to use the university’s new Content Management System (CMS)The CMS allows users to build sites that fit within the university’s overall online brand with no knowledge of HTML or programming. Attendance at a training session is mandatory for anyone wishing to use the CMS to build a site. During the session you will learn how to:

  • build a website using the content management system
  • add content, including text, images, videos, galleries, and links to PDFs or other documents
  • manage your site after it is launched
  • use workflows to gain approval before content is posted live to the Web
  • receive certification that allows you to request an account within the Content Management System

Computer Deployment

Summer is typically the time of year that Academic Technologies gears-up for the annual new computer deployment process.  RU faculty and staff receive a fresh computer on a four-five year rotational basis.  Academic Technologies keeps track of who needs an updated computer and begins the process in early June, then continues straight through to the beginning of the semester, or beyond if need be.

Beginning in mid-May, email notifications are sent to all users who are slated to receive a new computer.  Included in the email are directions about how to enroll in a deployment session and how to prepare for the deployment process.

Desire 2 Learn (D2L)

D2L is the Learning Management System adopted by Radford University in December 2010 to replace WebCT (Blackboard). 

Some examples of training sessions offered include:              

  • Navigating within D2L    
  • Setting Up and Managing the D2L Gradebook
  • Creating Self-Assessments and Quizzes in D2L
  • Desire 2 Learn Overview

File Management – “Managing Your Files More Efficiently”

Keeping up with electronic files on your computer is becoming more and more important. This session focuses on practical techniques in file storage.  You'll become more familiar with files, folders, and data storage devices and how to save, find, and organize documents, photos, and other files.  Topics include:

  • Setting default locations – Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Search Features
  • File/Folder Names
  • Moving Documents
  • Use Recent

Outlook 2013

This session will focus on features in Outlook that may assist in being more efficient with the program.   Some of the topics include:

  • How to use templates
  • How to search within Outlook
  • How to use the conversation feature
  • Optimizing the calendar features and meeting requests
  • Other tips and tricks

RU Onboard

As part of bi-monthly new employee orientation sessions, Academic Technologies introduces the technology resources available as you join the RU community.   We assist with activating your RU account which is the gateway to logging into MyRU and accessing email, D2L, timesheets, etc.   We also discuss recommended practices for computer use, what you need to know about computer security, and where to get technology assistance should you need it.  In addition, we ensure your hardware and software needs are met so you have the required tools to perform your job.

Smart Board and Sympodium

If you are teaching in Cook, Russell, Young, Peters or Walker, chances are you have noticed either the Smart Board or Sympodium.  If you would like to learn more about how to make the most of this technology, please contact Academic Technologies to make arrangements for a one-on-one training session. 



Vision is a program in which you can control the computers in the labs you are teaching.  Vision is available in several computer labs across campus, and is the means by which you can manage and monitor student computer use while in class.  It is easy for a student's attention to be diverted when sitting at a computer; using Vision you can take charge of your class and direct how the students use the computers.  Vision allows you to:

  • lock student screens, keyboards and mice
  • share your desktop with the entire classroom, or selected students
  • control student computers remotely from the teacher compute
  • project a student's computer to the rest of the class
  • supervise student's computers
  • conduct chat sessions with the students
  • send files to the class, or selected students, and retrieve the documents at the end of class


WPS System (Wireless Presenter System)

The WPS systems are installed in all RU multimedia classrooms.  WPS technology allows users to connect laptops to overhead projectors with no wires.   The 4-to-1 split screen allows users to have up to 4 applications open side by side for increased productivity.

If the software isn’t installed on your computer, you will be able to download and install the first time you use the system. 

The system is available to both Mac and PC users.  Visit the Solutions Library for more information and tutorials.