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Software Availability

The Division of Information Technology strives to provide software that meets the instructional and business needs of the university community.  The following table identifies software availability.

Application Availability
Acrobat Professional All Lab Machines
Acrobat Reader All Lab Machines
ArcGIS Cook 124, Cook 125
Audacity Lab Machines (Windows) 
ChemDraw Curie 147, Walker 215, The Bonnie
Cinema 4D Lab Machines (Mac)
Cisco VPN Anyconnect All University Owned Machines
Clean Access Faculty/Staff Computers
Dragon DRO
Dreamweaver Lab Machines (Windows/Mac), By Request
Express Scribe RU251
Final Cut Express Lab Machines (Mac)
Finale Lab Machines (Mac)
Firefox All University Owned Machines
Fireworks Lab Machines (Mac)
Flash Professional Lab Machines (Mac)
Food Processor Walker 215
IE All University Owned Machines
iLife Lab Machines (Mac)
Illustrator Lab Machines (Windows/Mac)
In Design Lab Machines (Windows/Mac)
iTunes Lab Machines (Windows/Mac)
Jaws DRO
JMP Lab Machines (Windows), By Request, Home Use
Kurzweil   DRO
Logic Pro Studio Lab Machines (Mac)
Maple Lab Machines (Windows), By Request
Markstrat WR215, YG123
Mathematica Walker Labs, By Request, Home Use, Young 123, The Bonnie
MatLab Individual
Microsoft Office All University Owned Machines, Home Use
Morningstar COBE Trading Room  
Peachtree WR215, BE215
Photoshop (Adobe)
Lab Machines (Windows/Mac), By Request
Pom-QM WR215
Quicktime Lab Machines (PC, MAc)
R Cook 125
Lab Machines (PC)
Respondus LockDown Browser Lab Machines (Windows)
Safari Lab Machines (Mac)
SAS Lab Machines (PC, Mac), By Request, Home Use
SPSS Lab Machines (Windows) 
SPSS Modelar COBE Trading Room, WR215
Symantec AntiVirus Software All University Owned Machines
VectorWorks Lab Machines (Mac)
Visio By Request
Vision Lab Machines (Windows)
WPS (Wireless Presentation System) Multimedia Classrooms Machines