Undergraduate Conditional Admissions

The conditional admissions program is designed to recruit promising undergraduate international students to Radford University. Prospective undergraduate international students who meet regular admission requirements except English language may apply for conditional admission through the Language and Culture Institute at Radford University (LCI@RU).

Applicants are conditionally admitted based upon an evaluation of their high school records. Once conditionally admitted, students work toward meeting remaining admission requirements while studying in the LCI@RU Intensive English program. When conditions are met, students will be transferred into the undergraduate program to begin studies the immediately following semester.
Conditionally admitted students must complete the LCI@RU Intensive English program through Level 550 and attend this program for a minimum of one semester (two Intensive English terms).
There are 10  English proficiency levels in the program, each requiring two months of study. Students are placed upon arrival into the appropriate level based on a placement exam. Levels may not be skipped.

Students must maintain a "B" equivalent (75%) GPA. Offers of conditional admission will be revoked for students who do not successfully complete the LCI@RU study requirement.

Program Eligibility

To be competitive for conditional admission, applicants should have a high school equivalent cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Transfer students from foreign universities are eligible on the same basis. Students must be 17 or older at the time they will begin Intensive English studies.

Students who apply for conditional admission during their senior year of high school must submit final transcripts before a formal acceptance letter will be issued by the Radford Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Offers may be revoked for students who fail to maintain GPA requirements through high school graduation.

Withdrawal of conditional admission status

If at any time a student wishes to withdraw his or her conditional admission application/status, the status will become void. At that point, if the student were to reapply directly to Radford University, he or she would be considered as any other international student. Students who wish to withdraw their conditional admission status will not lose their LCI@RU status; in other words, they can continue to study at the LCI@RU.

Ineligible Program for Conditional Admissions


Apply Now

  1. Complete an application for undergraduate admissions.
  2. Complete the online Intensive English Program application and pay the application fee.
  3. Submit high school and/or university transcripts.
  4. Radford will accept a passing score on the iTEP (TOEFL equivalent test) administered by the Language and Culture Institute. TOEFL requirements are waived in lieu of successful completion of the Intensive English Program and testing standards.