Student Handbook


The Language and Culture Institute at Radford University, offered through a partnership with Virginia Tech, provides language-related programs and services for academic and professional development.

Our Intensive English Program offers full-time language training to international students. Instruction is available from beginning through advanced proficiency levels and is supplemented by self-paced, interactive computer-assisted training.

Our instructors and staff members have worked on this handbook to help make your stay in the United States easier, more pleasant, and more productive. Please read it carefully. Ask questions. Make suggestions if you see ways this information can be improved.

Our Mission

The mission of the Intensive English Program is to help adult international students meet their personal, academic, and professional goals through intensive English language study. Through its work, the LCI@RU increases diversity in the university's student population by enabling outstanding international candidates to meet English language admission requirements. The Intensive English course series prepares international students for admission to Radford University and other U.S. institutions through rigorous, progressive English language training.

Student Conduct

In addition to the rules set out in this handbook, all students enrolled in the LCI@RU's English Language Program are subject to the rules and regulations set out in the Radford University Standards of Student Conduct, the Radford University Office of Policy Compliance, and the Radford University Housing and Residential Life Policies.