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LCI@RU students may live on campus only during the summer sessions. Learn more about summer housing.


LCI@RU students may live with a local family during their time studying. Learn more about Homestay.

Off-campus apartments

Many students live off-campus. Students who bring their families are required to live off-campus. An apartment, usually with one or more bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom, is normally rented by a family or shared by two or more students. Most students live in apartments or single rooms. Many of these are within walking distance of campus or are on the town bus routes.

Apartments are usually unfurnished and include cooking facilities. Bathrooms are usually shared. Rent may or may not include utilities such as water and sewer or trash collection. Gas and/or electric services may also be a separate expense; these costs can be significant during winter months for heating.

Rent for single rooms begins at about $299 per month, not including utilities or furniture. One-bedroom apartments, including utilities, cost about $600 per month. Two-bedroom apartments cost on average $600 to $700 per month. Four-bedroom suites are about $1,600 per month.

Occupants must sign a lease, or housing contract, usually for 12 months. Shorter lease terms are difficult to find in August but may be available in January and May. Once signed, a lease cannot be broken or changed. Almost all apartments come unfurnished. Furnishings are generally acquired from secondhand stores and private “yard sales,” rental companies, or local stores.

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Radford University has a wide variety of on- and off-campus dining choices. To discover how you can purchase a meal plan, see what’s on the menu, get information about catering, nutrition, or sustainability – or just to make yourself heard – check out our all-in-one Radford University dining portal.