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Meal Plans



The best source for information about meal plans is the RU Express office, as they are responsible for administering the plans.

What are my options for meal plans?

There are a few different options as an on-campus student: Depending on your preference and eating habits you may choose the Flex Plan or Meal Allowance. The Flex Plan is a declining balance; every time you swipe your card, money comes off. It also includes $30 Vending Dollars to use in drink and vending machines located all around campus. The Meal Allowance option has 19 or 15 meals a week plus has extra Food Dollars that may be used anywhere on campus as well.

There are also several options for off-campus students including variations on the Flex Plan as well as the ability to purchase a block of meals.  The options are best described on the RU Express website.

What is the Flex Plan?

The Flex Plan (2011-2012) places $512 Flex Dollars as well as $30 to use in campus vending machines on your card. You can use it anywhere on campus and the cost will be discounted to match Flex Dollar equivalent. Check out New River Grille House and Dalton Dining Hall and receive a 67% discount!

Which meal plan should I choose?

Everyone has different needs, and we offer several meal plan options so students have flexibility. We recommend that you evaluate your eating needs and select the plan that is most appropriate for you.

What is the difference between Flex Dollars and RU Express?

Flex Dollars can only be used on campus and RU Express can also be used off campus. If you need a quick sandwich from Au Bon Pain (ABP) use your Flex Dollars. If you need a gallon of milk, you can use your RU Express at Kroger - just as you would use a debit card. Two accounts on the same card! (Your ID card, smile big!)

Can I add money if I am running low?

You or your parents can add money anytime! Just come by the RU Express Office located in Heth Hall) or you can take care of it online!

Are meal plans semester-based?

Yes.  Each semester you will need to purchase a new plan.

Does left over money roll over from semester to semester?

Meal Plans and Flex Dollars do not roll over, but your RU Express account remains until you spend it! (Similar to a debit account at your bank, but on your ID card).

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