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In the following videos, undergraduate students at Radford University discuss the research project they have had an opportunity to be a part of during their academic careers. Enjoy!


Laken Cooper, a senior biology major, traveled to Kenya this summer with Dr. Sara O'Brien, assistant professor of biology, to research house sparrows.


Radford University faculty from physics, geology and anthropology are collaborating to better understand how Civil War forts in the Radford area were built.


Laken Cooper

Laken Cooper, a biology student, discusses the research opportunities she has at Radford University.




Brian Uthe, a senior physics major, is using the wind tunnel to test how placing dimples on wooden cars will alter the drag force to make cars more aerodynamic and fuel efficient.


While taking a medieval art history course, Kenna Crane, a junior art history major, learned about the Aberdeen Bestiary. The collection of medieval accounts and illustrations captivated Crane, prompting her to research the art further.


Chris Pregot

Chris Pregot, a chemistry student, discusses his research project on fluorines and the opportunities he has had for research at Radford University.


Research in Chemistry

Timothy Fuhrer, assistant professor of chemistry, is currently working with undergraduate students Jacob Mace and Dylan McKnight to improve the effects of a drug used to treat cancer.