Faculty-Staff Parking Registration Fall 2016

Purchase your annual parking permit online beginning July 27, 2016, with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or via payroll deduction and have your permit mailed to your home. New vehicle registration forms and payment are required annually. The 2015-2016 Faculty/Staff permits expire September 30, 2016.  To purchase a 2016-2017 parking permit, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the MyRU Portal - https://my.radford.edu
  • Click on the Parking icon
  • Click on Get Permit
  • Follow the prompts

Payroll Deduction is available for faculty, adjunct faculty, full-time salaried staff and 1500 hour wage employees.  However, please note that the "Payroll Deduction-Incremental" process changed slightly last year, as explained below:

Salaried employees purchasing permits prior to 8/24/16 will have their $132 purchase price divided by 24 (pay periods in the academic year) and the deduction amount will be $5.50 per pay period.  Salaried employees purchasing permits on or after 8/25/16 will have the purchase price divided by the total number of pay periods left in the academic year, which will change the deduction amount slightly.  If there are 23 pay periods left, the deduction would be $5.70.  If 22, the deduction would be $6.00, etc.

Wage employees who choose "Payroll Deduction-Incremental" will now have their purchase deducted in four payments of $33 each.

Adjunct Faculty and Burlington Lot permits will continue to be deducted in one lump sum.

Based on IRS section 132(f)-Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits, we continue to offer employees who purchase their permit by payroll deduction, an option to choose between "pre" and "post" tax.  The pre-tax option reduces taxable income for tax purposes only.  Post-tax deductions do not affect taxable income.

For more information about purchasing a parking permit, call 540-831-6361

Jul 18, 2016
Parking Services