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Muse Fitness Center Daily Report

Use the form below to note events that occur during your shift for each of the following categories.

Student Worker
Name of no show/tardy worker(s)


List of lights that are burnt out in Fitness Center


Lost & Found
(IDs, keys, jewelry, CD/MP3 players, etc.)


Name, phone number of person reporting lost items


Maintenance Issues
Equipment that needs to looked at. (Treadmills, cables, vacuum, etc.)


Cleaning Supplies
List items needed (cleaning rags, etc.)


Note any other problems, incidents, or accidents that have occurred during your shift.


Muse Hall Additional Closing Duties Checklist (see Muse Hall Closing Checklist for details in sign in book.)

 Check for missing screws, frayed or broken bands on Nautilus equipment
 Daily Cleaning Complete (ALL SHIFTS)
 Add counts to folder
 Bring in Open sign