About Us

The Office of Policy Compliance provides oversight of the Radford University Policy and Procedure Manual and serves as the coordinating office for University Policy and Procedure questions and issues.

The Office of Policy Compliance will coordinate all reviews of University Policies and Procedures to include, where necessary, the Office of Audit and Advisory Services and the Office of the Attorney General.  If revisions are necessary, the Office of Policy Compliance will return the policy and/or procedure to the Division Head.

Upon completion of necessary reviews, the Office of Policy Compliance will assign new policies and procedures a classification, policy/procedure number and will coordinate with the Division Head submission to the President's Cabinet for approval.

A policy is a statement of management philosophy and general rule, established to provide direction and assistance to the Radford University community in the conduct of University affairs.

A procedure is a statement that outlines specific actions to be taken to conform to established policies, allowing for the orderly implementation of those policies.