Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Office of Policy Compliance make policies?

No, we do not make policy.  Our office is specifically designated to collect, review and distribute new and revised University Policies and Procedures.  The Office of Policy Compliance is also responsible for coordinating necessary reviews and updates to individual policies and procedures maintained on this website.

What policies are included in the University Policy and Procedure Manual?

The Manual includes policies and procedures that are relevant or applicable to more than one department or division in our campus community.  To maintain an organized system of change control and to ensure consistency throughout the university, individual departmental websites may not contain separate copies or versions of University Policies or applicable Procedures.  Instead, departmental websites that reference University Policies and Procedures must use hyperlinks to the documents on the official University Policies and Procedures website.  This does not preclude departments from maintaining internal departmental policies and procedures on their web sites, provided the internal departmental policies and procedures are not identified as and do not conflict with official University Policies and Procedures.

How do I suggest changes to a policy?

Contact your supervisor or department head with your suggestions, and they will coordinate the process with our office. To learn more about this see the University Policy Management Procedure.

What if I have questions about a specific policy?

Please contact our office first and we will try to help you.  If we cannot answer your questions we will refer you to someone from the relevant department who can help you.  Contact us.

What if I cannot find the policy related to my area of concern?

It may be a policy that is only relevant to one particular department on campus.  If that is the case, it will be located on the relevant department website.  Please visit the Radford University Web Directory and contact the respective department to obtain more information.