Furniture Purchase Procedure

PolicyThe Code of Virginia requires the University to purchase furniture from Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE). VCE must be used unless they do not manufacture the goods required and/or they grant an exemption allowing the purchase from a commercial source.

Ordering Directly From VCE:  The link to the VCE website is provided on this web page. You may use the VCE website to review product availability; however, please note all products are not posted on this website. You are encouraged to contact the VCE sales representative to confirm pricing and availability.

Contact Information:

*Note:  Please use this address for all eVA purchase requisitions.*

Virginia Correctional Enterprises
8030 Whitebark Terrace
Richmond, VA  23237

*Radford’s Sales Rep – First Point of Contact

Glenn Walthall, Senior Sales Representative
540-265-3150 (Phone)
804-510-9167 (Fax)

VCE Customer Service – Richmond Office
(800) 823-2823 or (804) 743-4160 (Phone)
(804) 743-2206 (Fax)                        

Written Release:  Written releases,  which allow purchases from commercial vendors,  are granted if VCE has nothing compatible with the required specifications, or are unable to meet the required delivery. VCE will not grant a release after a purchase has been made. A copy of the VCE Release Concurrence II Form can be obtained on the VCE web site.

How to Obtain a Release:  For information and instructions, please refer to the Instructions for Completion of VCE Release Request.

Approved Furniture Suppliers:  Radford has a list of approved furniture suppliers with whom we have contracts in place. If the VCE cannot provide your required items, we request you try to work within this list for your furniture needs. If there are vendors other than those on this list, it will require Procurement and Contracts to search for an existing contract and then acquire the furniture supplier's agreement to allow Radford University to use an acceptable contract, then the furniture items you require will need to be competitively bid.