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How do I find an existing Radford contract?

What does SWaM stand for?

How do I find a SWaM vendor?

How do we instruct a vendor to register in eVA?

Where does nepotism come into procurement?

Are we supposed to report things that do not "go right" in regards to contracts?



Existing Radford contract can be found by searching in ??????.  In addition you can search on the eVA web site for state contracts or the VASCUPP web site for collaborative contracts with other state colleges and universities.

SWaM is an acromyn for Small Women and Minority owned business.  Radford like other state agencies is required by VA Statue ??????? to purchase a certain amount of buisness with SWaM businesses.

You can find a SWaM vendor by visiting the VA DMBE (Department of Minority Business Enterprises).  From their home page, left hand side click on the "SWaM Vendor Search" link.  This will take you to another page from which you will click on "To search for currently approved SWaM businesses".  This takes you to a search window where you can type in the vendor's name.

A vendor can register in eVA by going to the eVA web page.  To the far right of the bar with "User Name", "Password" you will see a "Register" link.  Click on this link and it will take you to the Vendor registeration page.  From there you can follow the step-by-step guidelines for registering.