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SCI Steering Committee Meeting, Heth 207

Friday Feb 1 - Saturday Feb 2
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

All SCI Steering Committee Meetings are open to the public.

Draft agenda—please send me any additional items you wish me to include:
I. BTtP Grant: Feedback and advice on project proposal. (Proposal due to SPGM mid-Feb)
II. Application to attend an AAC &U High-Impact Institute: who should be on the 5 person team?? (Application due March 4)
III. Carnegie Classification Project
IV. Budget Snapshot: Money spent to date, what's left and what to do with it?
V. QEPGSC and Processes: Roann, you will lead this part of the discussion.
VI. SC Visibility and Campus Awareness
Location of SC Office: Several Options are possible
Poster Campaign
Student Campaigns