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Counselor Education 694

COED 694. Internship in Student Affairs Services

Prerequisites: Completion of 30 hours in good academic standing including COED 641, COED 642, COED 660 and COED 661 and approval of chairperson one semester prior to registration

Credit Hours: (3-6)

This course requires that each semester hour credit is the equivalent of 100 contact hours. The Counselor Education faculty will determine credit hours available to each student. Students may register for an internship in three semester hour increments up to the total number of semester hours available for each internship. The course provides practical experience in student personnel service areas.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

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Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

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Goals and Objectives of the Course

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Assessment Measures

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Other Course Information

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Review and Approval
April 1999 Revised