Geology 699

GEOL 699

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GEOL 699. Research and Thesis
Hours and credit to be arranged with approval of the Graduate Committee (1-6).

Prerequisites: Graduate standing in Environmental and Engineering Geosciences.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Each student will be required to formulate a plan for original research, to construct or modify the necessary equipment, to obtain and analyze a reasonable quantity of data, to calculate necessary results, and to write a final thesis pertinent to this work which is acceptable to the Graduate Committee.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Research and thesis.


Goals and Objectives of Course

The major goals and objectives will be determined by the student and Graduate Committee


Assessment Measures

Completed, defensible written thesis will be the assessment measure.


Other Course Information

Attendance Policy: not applicable

Honor Code:

By accepting admission to Radford University, each student makes a commitment to understand, support and abide by the University honor code without compromise or exception. This class will be conducted in strict observance of the honor code. Refer to your student handbook for detail.


Approval and Subsequent Reviews

Date Action Reviewed by
March 1999