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Music 111

MUSC 111:112
Theory I:II

Catalog Entry

MUSC111:112. Theory I:II
Three hours lecture (3:3).

Prerequisite: (MUSC111): None

Prerequisite: (MUSC112): Completion of MUSC 111 with a grade of "C" or better.

Fundamentals of music and the principles of vertical and linear organization through analysis and exercises in part-writing.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

The purpose of MUSC111 is to expose students to the diatonic materials of music. The major areas considered in the course are as follows:

1. Fundamentals of harmony and voice leading
2. The tonic, subdominant, and dominant triads in root position
3. The tonic, subdominant, and dominant triads in inversion
4. The supertonic, mediant, submediant, and leading tone triads in root position and inversion
5. The dominant seventh chord

The purpose of MUS 112 is to expose students to the diatonic materials of music. The major areas considered in the course are as follows:

1. Variant qualities of triads
2. Dominant Seventh Chords
3. Non-Dominant Seventh Chords
4. Diminished Seventh Chords

These main topics of the course are considered in the context of these broader concepts:

1. Chord Function
2. Chord Position
3. Figured Bass
4. Chord Succession
5. Harmonic Rhythm
6. Cadence


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The course is a combination of lecture, demonstration, and in-class exercises involving part-writing and analysis.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the conclusion of this course, each student will demonstrate:

1. Ability to read music fluently and expressively.
2. Ability to understand the structure of music.
3. Ability to understand the relationship between strructure and performance in music.
4. Ability to hear the harmonic implications of melodies.
5. Ability to hear and respond to melodic and harmonic movement in music.
6. Ability to write appropriate choral harmonizations for four voices within a diatonic setting.
7. Ability to realize, at the keyboard, a simple harmonic patterns similar to the choral style employed in the writing assignments.


Assessment Measures

The main assessment measures are outside of class projects in part-writing and analysis. In addition, there is a final exam in which almost all of the material of the course is covered.


Other Course Information

The instructor uses a computer program for notation of part-writing and playback.


Approval and Subsequent Reviews

Revised February 2009