Mission of Housing and Residential Life

The Office of Housing & Residential Life supports the academic mission of Radford University and focuses on residential student needs by providing a healthy living environment, enhancing personal development, encouraging respect, and promoting engagement within the community.


To provide a healthy living environment, the Office of Housing & Residential Life will:

  • maintain safe and clean residential facilities
  • exemplify professional service through the practice of sound administration and fiscal responsibility
  • develop and utilize human, technological, and other beneficial resources
  • maintain adequate space for personal, developmental, and departmental needs

To foster personal development, the Office of Housing & Residential Life will:

  • provide an array of programs in the residence halls to offer opportunities for students to develop various life skills
  • support the continuous development of integrity and ethical leadership through self-management and accountability
  • acknowledge and attend to the individual uniqueness of community members and their needs

To encourage respect in a diverse community, the Office of Housing & Residential Life will:

  • promote opportunity for community services and cultural immersion
  • expose students to new concepts and offer avenues for personal discovery
  • engender a community expectation of civility and social responsibility
  • foster an appreciation of each individuals’ contributions within a pluralistic community

To promote engagement within the community, the Office of Housing and Residential Life will:

  • facilitate living/learning environments through faculty involvement and other university partnerships
  • cultivate passion for Radford University and the campus community
  • encourage and support active participation in University and surrounding community events and organizations
  • offer and promote leadership roles and opportunities in clubs, organizations, and employment