1. What type of refrigerator is allowed in my room?

Each student in a room may bring a small fridge that uses two or less amps are permitted in all residence hall rooms. Department stores offer a wide variety of options.

2. What type of microwaves is permitted in student rooms?

In designated locations, roommates may choose to either rent a microfridge or have one microwave that is 700 watts or less, and one fridge that is two amps or less per room. The unversity also has a partnership with the Melvin Corporation which rents microfridges to residents. These units are designed for use in residence halls and are therefore permitted in all residence halls, including those which do not allow traditional microwaves due to electrical limitations.

3. Where are microwaves permitted?

Microwaves are permitted in all residence halls except Muse Hall which does not have the electrical system to support this option. Muse Hall residents may, however, rent a microfridge unit as these are designed for use in residence halls.

4. If I do not bring a microwave, what access will I have to one?

Public microwaves are available in each residence hall for students to use.

5. Can I bring a toaster or toaster oven with me?

Because of fire safety regulations, toasters and toaster ovens are not permitted in any of the residence halls.

6. What types of appliances may not be brought into the residence halls?

Any item that has a hot surface (candle warmers, hot plates, Foreman grills, etc.), toasters, toaster ovens, or anything utilizing an open flame are strictly forbidden.

7. Are there kitchens in the residence halls?

Each residence hall has at least one kitchen that residents can use. Kitchens are equipped with a range top, oven, and refrigerator. As long as the spaces are used responsibly, the kitchens are available to all residents. We recommend that students bring simple cookware if they are interested in cooking.

8. Where are the laundry rooms in the halls?

Laundry rooms are available in each residence hall. They can be just down the hall or a quick elevator ride away.

9. Which laundry rooms can use money from an RU Express account?

Most laundry machines accept coins for laundry. RU Express on your student ID can be used for the laundry machines in each residence hall. Quarters make great gifts for college students

10. Are vacuum cleaners available in the halls?

The university does not provide vacuum cleaners for residents. This is a good topic for you to discuss with your roommate to see if one of you are able to bring a simple vacuum cleaner. Having a vacuum cleaner is especially important if you plan to bring a rug.

11. What size aquariums are permitted in the residence halls?

Students may bring in whatever size aquariums are appropriate for their aquatic turtles, aquatic frogs and animals that live, breath, and eat under water 24 hours a day. Please exercise caution to prevent breakage and damage to the room and your belongings. It is a good idea to talk with your roommate to discuss their placement and care.